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Mar 1, 2011

New Walmart Sightings

so far malaysians berpakaian cukup sopan dan smart kalu pergi shopping.

kat barat - lain...it shows the state of their minds and mentality! 

Hershey’s has a new butterscotch chip!
Now, somebody go get us a few barrels of cookie dough.

Halloween shopping tip: You don’t need to wear last year’s costume to shop for this year’s.
By the way, is the lady in red wearing the same “I can’t believe more than one person bought these” shorts?

I hope you just injured that foot from kicking your own ass for wearing that out in public

I was going to count how many sizes too small that is but I’ve only got like 20 years of education,so counting that high seems out of my grasp. If there is anyone out there with a doctorate inQuantum Physics that would like to give it a try, we would welcome the answer.

I woke up today completely pissed off that it was Monday. Yes I had a case of the “Mondays,” and I was miserable.So for all you people who for some reason like school or work and woke up in good spirits this morning, this should ruin that and bring you back down with the rest of us.

She's looking to get some Multi-grain into her diet !!!

Oh dear God! Please someone go explain to her what “cougar hunting” is. Is that whatcha call a poodle perm?

Hearts, stars & horseshoes, clovers & blue moons, pots of gold & rainbows & even red balloons!!!!
Unfortunately these “Lucky Charms” aren’t magically delicious.

Nothing runs like a Deere? You should have seen me haul ass when I saw her

Why wouldn’t you wanna show off that grade-A caboose after all that toning you’ve put in with those ankle weights?

I didn’t know I could buy a table dance at Walmart.
They really do have everything!!

Thanks for ruining such a great word by the way.

I’m so glad you decided to show us your gutt-crack instead. It’s such a pleasant change of scenery.

Really? Did you think at all when you dressed? You tossed on those shorts because they rock & grab the shirt your kid just jammed into the paper shredder? Is that how you go about your day, just a complete disregard for anything?

Question: If you are drawing on ridiculous looking eyebrows why not draw them like The Rocks. Why would you choose to make it look like everything you see is shocking? On a side note, I’m scared.

I guess that’s why they call it the “Show-Me” state….

After doing some extensive research  we have concluded that at some point that shirt was once whole & at another point in time it became stretched-torn & hanging on by  the seams as you see it now. But for some reason our research cannot conclude when that point in time exactly was. However, the Issac ( TROY ) Newton in me is guessing it occurred right when she put it on.


Why does it look like you started to put on another shirt then got tired. Also, yourback looks like a frog’s face & that makes me happy.

WTF?? what gives!? She has her body covered & she isn’t wearing anything too crazy!

Did she really think by removing her flip-flops the number would be that much lower?


Bacaan Duduk Antara 2 Sujud

Bacaan Duduk Antara 2 Sujud
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